Poetry Analysis Practice (rhythm, meter)

Today is a chance to continue practicing your understanding of rhythm and meter in poetry.

Important Weekend Deadlines:

Friday (by midnight):  Online Lit Circles #3 (last one) questions posted

Sunday (by midnight): Online Lit Circles #3 (last one) answers posted

Monday (by midnight): Poetic Analysis Essay (over “The Century Quilt”) turned in on Google Classroom.


Studying the AP Rubric

Today, we’re looking at sample student essays from a previous AP test.  To start, read the 9-point rubric quietly to yourself.

Now, in groups, you should read the nine student samples and rank them from 1-9.  I will share the answers with you later.

What do you notice higher-scoring essays have that lower-scoring essays don’t?  What about essays scoring in the mid-range?

Here is a generic AP scoring rubric for you to reference all year.

With the time remaining, you may continue work on your “Century Quilt” chunking handout.

Don’t forget Socratic Seminar #2 is tomorrow.

How to write a literary analysis

This week, we are focusing on how to construct a well-written literary analysis to prepare you for writing your first un-timed poetic analysis.

“The Century Quilt” by Marilyn Nelson Waniek is the poem you will be writing your analysis on.

In groups, you will be Organizing your Poetic Analysis Body Paragraphs. You’ll get your original essays back along with the poem and prompt.

Here are some Essay Tips to guide your writing this week.

Finally, let’s review the essay rubric.

Happy writing!

Socratic Seminar #1

Today is our first Socratic Seminar – yay!

Leaders, have fun guiding your groups.  Students, make sure you are engaged and discussing the poems the entire time allotted (approx. 40 mins).  I will be walking around, listening and checking your annotations for points.

Keep in mind you will only get your 4 points if your poems are fully annotated AND you are engaged in discussion the entire hour.

Have fun!

“O Captain! My Captain!” Group Precis

Hi folks! Today, you are creating a group precis in groups.

Weekend Deadlines:

Midnight tonight: all questions posted on Google Doc #2

Midnight Sunday: all answers posted on Google Doc #2

For Monday: read and annotate the first two poems in your Socratic Poetry Packet.

For Monday: Socratic leaders, read and annotate. Remember you also need to create questions on a Google Doc and share them with your teacher.