What is a work of literary merit?

Metacognitive Journal #3: What is a work of literary merit?

Major Works Data Sheets are due. Please turn them in.

Let’s discuss what consists a work of literary merit, then see what the AP college board has to say.

A Definition of Literary Merit (according to the AP College Board)

The work of literature:

1. Entertains the reader and is interesting to read.

2. Does not merely conform to the expectations of a single genre or formula.

3. Has been judged to have artistic quality by the literary community (teachers, students, librarians, critics, other writers, the reading public).

4. Has stood the test of time in some way, regardless of the date of publication.

5. Shows thematic depth: The themes merit revisiting and study because they are complex and nuanced.

6. Demonstrates innovation in style, voice, structure, characterization, plot and/or description.

7. May have a social, political or ideological impact on society during the lifetime of the author or afterward.

8. Does not fall into the traps of “pulp” fiction such as clichéd or derivative descriptions and plot devices, or sentimentality rather than “earned” emotion.

9. Is intended by the author to communicate in an artistic manner.

10. Is universal in its appeal (i.e., the themes and insights are not only accessible to one culture or time period).

Time to debrief the test over How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

Summer Novel and MWDS

Metacognitive Journal #2

Write a review (not a summary) of the summer novel you read

Today and tomorrow, you will be completing a Major Works Data sheet for the summer novels.  They are due Monday.

Reminder: test Friday over How to Read Literature Like a Professor.  Bring the book to return as well!

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It’s the first day, so here’s a very important document: the Class Syllabus.  Reference it often!

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Summer essays (hard copy) are due today.

Be advised there is a summative assessment (Illuminate test) over the summer text, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, this Friday. Books are due Friday as well.

We will be keeping metacognitive journals all year.  Here is the first one:

MJ#1: Why do we study literature?