College Essay: Day Four (in the lab)

Hi folks! Open up Google Classroom and then open up your college essay (what you’ve started of it).

We are quickly going to share (out loud) our first sentences only of our essays.

Let’s discuss which ones are the most compelling and why.

Okay, time to get writing.

A reminder that your rough draft is due Monday. You need to bring in a typed HARD COPY of the essay for our writer’s workshop.

Have a great weekend!

College Essay: Day Three (in the lab)

Hi folks! Today, you will be completing the following:

  1. Enroll in our Google classroom.
    1. Log into your school gmail.
    2. Click on the Google Classroom app (click on the square of little squares in the right-hand corner of your email, then click ‘More’ at the bottom)
    3. Click to join class in the upper right-hand corner using this code: dn1og4
    4. Click on the assignment, “College Essay,” to read the assignment guidelines, including how to submit it.
  2. Find a college or scholarship essay prompt
  3. Write at least an intro paragraph for your essay (this is homework if you don’t complete it in class)
  4. Check out this cool program, the Hemingway Editor, and consider copying and pasting your essay into it to get some useful feedback for revision. You don’t have to follow everything the editor suggests, but it gets you thinking about how to simplify your writing, much like Ernest Hemingway.

College Essay Unit: Day Two

Today, you’re going to read, annotate, and discuss five distinctly different college application essays. Four of them were written by your peers from last year.

First read all five silently. Remember to annotate as you read and to consider how the author is creating a unique voice in his/her writing.

When everyone is done, you’ll be discussing in groups, then as a whole class.

For homework, read the article, “Some of the Most Mundane Moments…”

College Essay Unit: Day One

Hi folks! Today, we want to make sure you know how to read well. To do so, we’re going to look at some advice from Harvard called, “Six Reading Habits to Develop in Your First Year at Harvard.” 

Next, let’s apply these habits to a personal essay, titled, A Rat’s Tale.

What makes this essay effective?

More specifically, how does the author of this piece create voice?

To help your unique voice shine through in your writing, consider the following:






Tomorrow, we will look at five samples of student college application essays.