The Hero’s Journey

Today you will be learning about the hero’s journey.

This is a Google Slide Show that explains what it it – use this as a reference this week and next!

You’ll be in getting in groups (no more than 4) and drawing out a hero’s journey for a movie (no Disney) or book of your choice on large paper. Use the diagram provided as a guide (your drawing should look similar).

You’ll have some time to finish Tuesday and then we’ll do a gallery walk.

Ceremony: Background Info

Hi folks!

Today, we are starting our last unit before we begin preparing for your final and AP exam.

You will all be receiving a copy of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony.

Let’s assign leaders for Socratic Seminar and review the dates when these will be held. You’ll notice there is no mention of chapters because the book doesn’t have any!

Next, we’ll review some Background Information about the author and the style of the text.

Finally, we’ll look at a sample page from the text and analysis the style of the writing.

Tomorrow, we are giving you a gift. We are giving you the hour to do SSR with the text. Enjoy!


1984: Close analysis of a passage (review)

Hi folks!  Today we’re going to review how to write a close analysis of a prose passage.

First, let’s review how to annotate effectively. This list of “I Can” statements will help remind you that you already know what to do!

Next, let’s look at a passage from 1984. It includes a prompt at the top. The format is exactly what you can expect to see tomorrow for the timed writing.  Let’s read and annotate the prompt and first paragraph together.

Now, silently, finish reading and annotating the passage. When you’re done, you’ll be discussing in groups, then as an entire class.

Let’s review our “I Can” statements for writing a close analysis. This will refresh your memory on how to write one. What are you doing well? What are you still struggling with?

With the time remaining, begin writing a precis.

Tomorrow, be prepared to select one prompt (you’ll have three to choose from) to read, annotate, and write an essay on in 40 minutes. You can do it!

Remember, Major Works Data Sheets are due tomorrow as well.