Satire Webquest

Today, we are meeting in the lab so you can see satire in action and then break it down, using this chart.  You will need yesterday’s handout to complete this activity.

If you do not finish, it is homework.  It’s due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

You are also going to be creating your own example of satire.  This handout details all of the requirements.

Examples of Satire:

Denmark welcomes Trump in His Own Words
Charlie Hebdo Political Cartoon
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Hashtag Video)
“Royals” by Lorde
Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”
Baby Got Class
Pure Michigan: Golf
Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine: Wheel of Impression  
Key and Peele —  Les Mis
Voters Cartoon
Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon
Stephen Colbert: Best quotes
Cartoon about the news
Nation’s Landmarks Article
ISIS Cartoon

If you like, find your own! 


Satire: Types and Techniques

Today, we’re starting our mini-unit on satire.

Satire is actually quite complex.  This handout will give you an overview of satirical devices.

We’re going to watch Dr. Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book.  As we watch, jot down how this is an example of satire and what you believe it is satirizing.  Be prepared to discuss with the class.

Satirical MC

Hi folks!  Today, we’re going to complete a MC over Gulliver’s Travels by Swift.

Just a heads up: we will be starting 1984 after midwinter break. We do not have hard copies available, but we do have an electronic one. For Mrs. Keskes’ students, this electronic version is on Google Classroom. For Mrs. Hoerauf’s students, the electronic version is on this Resources page. You have the option of reading it all online, printing it yourself, or acquiring a hard copy.