Ceremony: Background Info

Hi folks!

Today, we are starting our last unit before we begin preparing for your final and AP exam.

You will all be receiving a copy of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony.

Let’s assign leaders for Socratic Seminar and review the dates when these will be held. You’ll notice there is no mention of chapters because the book doesn’t have any!

Next, we’ll review some Background Information about the author and the style of the text.

Finally, we’ll look at a sample page from the text and analysis the style of the writing.

Tomorrow, we are giving you a gift. We are giving you the hour to do SSR with the text. Enjoy!


Game Plan for the Week

Hi folks! Here’s what we are doing this week:

Monday: MWDS DUE. Timed essay over Ceremony.

Tuesday: Literary Devices ‘Pop’ Quiz (Quiz corrections due Friday)

Wednesday: Poetry Review Day

Thursday: Prose Review Day

Friday: Quiz corrections due. MC strategies and review.

Keep in mind next week is your four-day final exam. Several of you have made alternate arrangements to take the exam on different dates. Please see one of your teachers if you need to to do this.

Ceremony: weekly plan

Hi folks!  Here is the plan for the work.

Monday: Share poems, work in groups on handout about Ceremony.

Tuesday: Sleep in, seniors.

Wednesday: SS#3 (up to page 217). Make sure you annotate!

Thursday: *Have the book finished* Create a timeline for Ceremony. Start discussion questions.

Friday: Whole-class discussion of the end of the novel.

Remember: Timed essay is Monday and MWDS is due Monday.