A Doll’s House Tableau Activity

Today, we’re going to do an activity to show characterization and character relationships.

In groups of 5, you will do the following:

1) Create a tableau or ‘frozen picture’ of the following characters:

  • Nora
  • Helmer
  • Krogstand
  • Rank
  • Mrs. Linde

Your body positions and facial expressions should reveal something about the characters as well as the relationship between the characters.

2) Pick one pivotal line to say in your frozen positions. Each character should say one line.

3) Present to the class.

A Doll’s House: Act One Activity

Today, we’re going to do a little activity for act one.

In groups on white boards, complete the following:

  • Make a list of every character in act one.
  • Beside each character, write three adjectives to describe them.
  • Beside each adjective, write an example from the play (a line of dialogue) which supports your adjective.
  • Beside each character, write down a current actor/actress you would have play the role and why.
  • Be prepared to your responses with the class in the following manner:
    • After each character and adjective shared, somebody in the group acts as the character and reads the dialogue example you found.

With the time remaining, we’ll start reading Act Two together.

A Doll’s House: an Introduction

We will be reading the famous play, A Doll’s House.  It’s an excellent representation of the Realism movement.

You are getting your scripts today. They are yours to keep, so you should annotate on them.

Let’s read the first part of the play, which is a detailed description of the set.

Now, on white boards, draw an aerial view of what the set would look like. We’ll share our drawings, then discuss how this style of playwriting compares to Shakespeare’s.