“O Captain! My Captain!” Group Precis

Hi folks! Today, you are creating a group precis in groups.

Weekend Deadlines:

Midnight tonight: all questions posted on Google Doc #2

Midnight Sunday: all answers posted on Google Doc #2

For Monday: read and annotate the first two poems in your Socratic Poetry Packet.

For Monday: Socratic leaders, read and annotate. Remember you also need to create questions on a Google Doc and share them with your teacher.


Online Literature Circles

Hi folks!

Now’s the time to share what book you’d like to read for the digital literature circles. Here’s the master list so you can see who else is reading your book.

Now for a brief Celly tutorial.

Here’s a Link to Celly so you can get signed up.

By the end of the week, your Celly groups will be created and shared on the master list so you join them. Stay tuned!


Intro to Literary Movements

Today, you will be learning a basic overview of Literary Movements, from Medieval Lit to Realism.

Here’s an explanation of what you’ll be doing in conjunction with this unit.

For homework, pick at least two books you have an interest in reading. You will be reading one, but you need at least two other people to read it with you.

Celly Extra Credit: how-to guide

Hi students!  This is Mrs. Keskes.  Last week, I was at a teacher technology conference.  One of the ideas I learned about was digital literature circles using a mobile app called Celly.

I want to play around with the idea this week, but to do so, I need your help.  If you want to participate, you can earn extra credit (Mrs. Hoerauf’s students too!).  Here’s how it will work:

Step One: if you haven’t yet, sign up for a Celly account.  There’s an app you can download or use the web-based version.  Click on the link below (the link can also be found in my Twitter feed).    The password is aplit.  Make sure you create a username that I can easily identify you by.
*Please note: you may want to change your notification settings.  You can receive updates as a text, on the app, or on the web only.  If you sign-up using your phone, you’ll get a text telling you how to do this.  If you sign up online, you will see a notifications area where you can update your preferences.*

Step Two: Participate in an online chat on the following three nights.  Each night will have a different focus, but all three are pertaining to The Things They Carried.

Monday (tonight):  Discussion opens 8:30. Discussion closes 11:30pm.

Tuesday: Discussion opens 8:30. Discussion closes 11:30pm.

Wednesday: Discussion opens 8:30. Discussion closes 11:30pm.

You can earn up to 15 points extra credit (5 points each night).  Each night is worth 5 points.  You need to truly engage in the conversation and post only topic-specific content.  You don’t need to be online the entire three hours, but you need to post during this time-frame so you can participate in an actual conversation rather than post once, then leave.

Step Three: Tips for how to post effectively

I will be posting a series of questions each night by using the following format:  “Q1: followed by the question.”

When you answer a question, start your response with: “A1: followed by your response.”  This will make it easier to keep track of what is being discussed.

If you want to address someone directly, use the following format: “@the person’s username, followed by your response.”  Again, this helps keep the conversation on track.

My questions are meant to be a starting point to ignite conversation.  Feel free to branch off from them.  My hope is that you’ll glean some good insight from each other outside of the classroom hours.  Plus, it’s a great chance for all four of our classes to connect!

Thanks for experimenting with me!