“O Captain! My Captain!” Group Precis

Hi folks! Today, you are creating a group precis in groups.

Weekend Deadlines:

Midnight tonight: all questions posted on Google Doc #2

Midnight Sunday: all answers posted on Google Doc #2

For Monday: read and annotate the first two poems in your Socratic Poetry Packet.

For Monday: Socratic leaders, read and annotate. Remember you also need to create questions on a Google Doc and share them with your teacher.


How to Write a Poetic Precis

Hi folks! Today, you’re going to learn how to write a precis. This list of rhetorically accurate verbs will help as well.

Before you leave class, make sure you know these important due dates (Mrs. Keskes’ class):

By midnight tonight: 

  • Google Discussion #1 (all questions posted)

By midnight Sunday:

  • Google Discussion #1 (all questions answered)

By midnight Monday:

  • Typed precis to “An Author to Her Book” (submit on Google Classroom)


Online Literature Circles

Hi folks!

Now’s the time to share what book you’d like to read for the digital literature circles. Here’s the master list so you can see who else is reading your book. You will also get your MWDS today.

For the remainder of the hour, we’ll play a whiteboard review game for the quiz on Friday.

Don’t forget: college essays are due by midnight tonight on Google Classroom for Mrs. Keskes’ students and by the beginning of class tomorrow for Mrs. Hoerauf’s students.



Intro to Literary Movements

Today, you will be learning a basic overview of Literary Movements, from Medieval Lit to Realism.

Here’s an explanation of what you’ll be doing in conjunction with this unit.

For homework, pick at least two books you have an interest in reading. You will be reading one, but you need at least two other people to read it with you.