Shakespeare One-page Mark-up and Essay

Today, you will be creating one-page mark-ups over your chosen Shakespeare passage. You will then be writing a literary analysis over this passage.

Here are some sample one-page mark-ups.

Canterbury Tales



Mrs. Keskes’ students: log onto Google Classroom so we can review the requirements for this assignment.

How to write a literary analysis

This week, we are focusing on how to construct a well-written literary analysis to prepare you for writing your first un-timed poetic analysis.

“The Century Quilt” by Marilyn Nelson Waniek is the poem you will be writing your analysis on.

In groups, you will be Organizing your Poetic Analysis Body Paragraphs. You’ll get your original essays back along with the poem and prompt.

Here are some Essay Tips to guide your writing this week.

Finally, let’s review the essay rubric.

Happy writing!