Dystopian Poetry

Hi folks!  Today, we’re going to study the dystopian poem, “September 1st, 1939” by W.H. Auden.

First, read and annotate the poem.

Next, in groups, decide where the tonal “chunks” are and cut one of your poems apart into these chunks and tape it onto a white board.

On the white board, label the poem with the following:

  • An adjective to describe each chunk
  • For each chunk, a list of literary devices used and their effect
  • An analysis of the title
  • A sentence which states the theme.
  • Be sure to always pay special attention to the first and last lines in all poetry!

We’ll be doing a gallery walk so you can see each other’s interpretations.

1984: Chapter One

Hi folks!

Today, you’re going to read over and fill out a reading comprehension rubric.  The idea is to determine how well you feel you read and determine areas you can improve upon.

We’re also going to read and annotate the first page of 1984.  Finally, we’ll continue reading chapter one as a class.

Don’t forget to finish reading part one tonight for homework, and be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.