Peer Grading of TTTC Close Analysis Prose Essay

Today, you’re going to benefit by receiving feedback from three of your peers.
Here’s how it will work:
  • Each of you will get three mini rubrics to grade three different essays.
  • On the rubric, write the number of the essay at the top and use the rubric to grade it.  On the back of the rubric, write your peer a note about their strengths and weaknesses in the paper.
  • It’s important to put an overall score at the top of the rubric and circle it (1-9).
  • Keep the rubrics, but continue passing essays around until you have graded three different ones.
When everyone is done grading, here are the next steps:
  • We will set out all of the essays in chronological order.
  • Next, you should place the rubrics on top of the appropriate essays.
  • Grab yours, then read the rubrics and comments.
  • Important: take the average of the three scores you received and write it on the top of your essay.
  • Staple the rubrics to the back of your essay and turn the packet in to receive a grade.
  • If you take issue with the grade you received or really feel you need additional feedback from me, write “Please Read” at the top of your essay next to your score.

My hope is that you’ll glean some additional insight into your writing and how it is perceived by multiple readers, just as it will be on the upcoming AP exam.